I believe in doing better. I know that effort in the right direction brings results.


Self-knowledge leads to competence.


Awareness of our power to make decisions helps us see the choices.


Working together is better than working alone.


Scientific research gives us evidence-based tools for success.


  • I am a licensed psychologist and hold a national certification as a school psychologist.
  • I hold a Master’s Degree and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies.
  • I am a neuroscience geek, with particular expertise in learning and cognition. I have personalized interventions and strategies for over 700 individuals with learning disabilities.
  • I use principles of learning and development within the framework of cognitive processing to build desirable change in thinking and behavior.
  • I have over 15 years of experience working with parents, children, educators, and administrators.
  • I had the privilege of working with diverse groups of learners, across a wide spectrum of abilities and disabilities.
  • I use evidence-based tools in my coaching practice to provide structure, support, skills, and strategies to those I work with.


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