Episode 012: Parenting From a Place of Guilt


Have you ever felt resentful as a parent?

What about feeling guilt for wanting to do less rather than more with your children?

Have you ever wanted to spend a little bit of time on your own?

These and other thoughts and wants can make us feel guilty as parents. Any parent that wants to do well for their child, will feel the sense of guilt towards their child at some point. This feeling is inevitable because of the beliefs we carry, and it does tend to hover over our life. 

Parent guilt is a very unproductive and consuming state of mind. But instead of dwelling on it, we can learn to understand its nature. We can also let it resolve into things we can actually take care of and do something about. 

When we raise our children, we constantly ask ourselves whether we are doing the right thing for the child, whether we are giving them the very best. Some of what defines a “good parent” for us comes from our own values. And some of it comes from the external impressions we have absorbed from the society. These questions come from a good place and, as a starting point, they are a relatively harmless. But when we start to perseverate on them and nothing we do seems good enough, then we can get ourselves into a guilt cycle. Not only is this cycle harmful for us, it will have a negative impact on our children.

If we don’t understand guilt, we let it guide our parenting, and parenting from this place harms us and the children. Although the feeling of guilt is inevitable, it does not need to be permanent. In this podcast Episode we take a look at four aspects of dealing with guilt. And even if you just focus on two, you will be well on your way in eliminating guilty parenting.





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