Episode 010: Respecting Children -- Freedom and Limits


A lot is being said these days about respecting children, and much of what we do as parents, we may do in the name of respect.

Compared to many generations before us, in the 21st century, we have a better understanding of the developmental needs of children and have a bigger appreciation of them as little people. We talk about ways of respecting them, their need for freedom, for creativity, for exploration, for curiosity, for fun and play, and so on.

But how well does it play out for us? Do we hold the right balance? Everything sounds good, until one day, we find ourselves frustrated. And this may be because we confuse respect with unlimited freedom.

If we do not have a good perspective on what respecting children means, we may feel like setting limits goes against the child’s need for freedom and against showing respect to them for who they are. In this episode, we are looking at the respect as a balance of freedom and limits.






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