Episode #14: Understanding Parent Burnout


Parent burnout is a real phenomenon that can have serious consequences for our well-being. All of us either heard about or experienced some form of burnout in our lives, so perhaps you have some idea of what parent burnout is. But did you know that parent burnout is different from other forms of burnout?

It is really important to differentiate between physical and mental burnout from parent burnout. That is why, this episode is about better understanding burnout the way it is experienced by parents.

Unless we make some intentional decisions to take care of ourselves as parents, we will experience this type of burnout. Do you know whether you are at risk for parent burnout and need to take proactive steps to prevent it from happening? Use the Parent Burnout Screener below to identify your burnout quotient and help you answer this question.


Watch out for signs of burnout. Be proactive and screen yourself for red flags by accessing the Parent Burnout Screener below. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete, but could make a huge difference in how you view and manage your role as a parent.

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